Valini Leitch

Case Study

Case study

One of the successful cases of the CAC is a 16 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by her father and referred to the CAC for counselling. This child had early sexual exposure and she gave the impression that the repeated sexual abuse of her father was pleasurable and then felt that she was at fault for the abuse. This child who lived overseas in her early in life was involved in bisexuality and a gang and had her first sexual activity at 12 because of peer pressure. The child always displayed a very delinquent behaviour and was malicious and physically vengeful whenever she felt she was wronged by peers or adults. Counselling sessions this child were challenging, since her early sexual exposure created more complexities in addition of the trauma of her father sexually abusing her.  The trauma based method, which focuses specifically on sexual abuse needed to be adjusted to fit the needs of this particular child to get to the root of her behavioural challenges and well as help her to cope and overcome the trauma of the sexual abuse. An adjustment was made to the client centred method of therapy which was more effective coupled with the trauma based therapy. A positive impact was made to the behaviour, beginning with the fact that she stopped blaming herself and she found positive areas to occupy her free time away from gangs and practiced conflict resolutions skills to avoid responding violently to confrontations.

In a current case, a child who was sexually abused by a cousin at age 9, attended sessions at the CAC, another referral from the CPA.   The revealed that there were 3 perpetrators who would come into her home to sexually abuse her.    As a result of this abuse she became delinquent and skipped school and on the days she did not attend school, she would be in the company of older girls in dangerous neighbourhoods. The child expressed that she preferred the company of older girls because she felt more mature like her friends as a result of her sexual abuse experience which she stated, is causing her to have strong sexual urges.  Her mother has also come to the CAC and has been attending the Parenting Skills Education sessions.  These sessions are aimed to strengthen the mother’s capacity to better care for her child, to support her through this trauma and to help her to support her daughter with her sexuality and urges.   Counselling with this child continues and she is supported to share with her mother about emotional challenges. The counselling continued between the mother and child separately and together where necessary to build a bond of trust and positive interaction and environment at home to channel the child’s energy and focus to meaningful activities over time.