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About Us

ChildLinK works towards the protection of children against abuse and exploitation, including physical, sexual, emotional, neglect and commercial. ChildLinK aims to strengthen protection networks, systems, policies, procedures and approaches for further impact on the cause.

Some of the Key activities/services of the programme/projects are:

  • To provide psychosocial support to vulnerable children and their families, especially children abused or at risk.
  • Maintain updated care plans and case records for children accessing child-friendly counseling.
  • To carryout home/community visits to children and their families where necessary.
  • To monitor children who have been placed in alternative family-based care (foster/kinship Care).
  • Parenting Skills Education training for caregivers including parents, Faith Based Organisations, and Community Based Organisations.
  • Capacity Building/training of Human Rights Workers in the areas of child rights and development, child protection, child participation and psychosocial support.
  • Developing and training Youth Advocates/Mentors (YAMs) in the areas of gender based violence, HIV/AIDS, conflict prevention and conflict transformation, anger management, self esteem building, children’s rights and responsibilities, etc.
  • Child Protection sensitization and awareness activities within schools, communities, work places.
  • Advocacy and public awareness campaigns to promote the rights of the child nationally with the aim of reducing the incidence of abuse.
  • To develop strong partnerships with local and international organizations for the protection of children outside of parental care and at risk of losing parental care
  • To provide training and technical support to partners to strengthen child protection policies, systems and practices for the social protection of children.


Key Achievements
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Our Vision
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Our Mission
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Programme History
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Analysis of the current situation
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Measuring Results
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ChildLinK Patron
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